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With the iPhone 8 protective film from GLAZ, you can protect your new favorite suitably

How will the iPhone 8 protective film look like in the future? Why will conventional protective films not fit with the iPhone 8 model anymore?

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, has to prove itself again and set the benchmark for the upcoming Apple iPhone 8/8 Plus as high as never before.

Most reports are about hardware updates around the new Apple smartphone, but another important question remains unclear:

How can I give my new favorite the perfect accessory in form of a screen protector? As most of you have already noticed, the screen of an Apple device is the most vulnerable component and that’s why it should be equipped with a suitable iPhone 8 screen protection. This protection is not only important for the older smartphone models, also for the new Apple iPhone 8 this protection is more than important, because the following points will change the iPhone 8 protection film:

  • According to the rumors, the new iPhone 8 display will no longer have display borders.
  • The display will be in the Edge to Edge design, as with the Samsung Galaxy devices
  • The size will no longer be 4.7 / 5.5 inches, rather 5 inches for the iPhone 8/8 Edition and 5.8 inches for the iPhone 8 Plus
  • The Home Button says goodbye and will be most likely replaced by the iPhone 8 Touch Bar

Nothing is more annoying than the wrong screen protector on the new, rounded design of the new Apple iPhone 8.

Therefore, a new protective film for the Apple model should be produced. Moreover, this should be as reliable as the already known display protection films and in the parameters such as e.g. Transparency.

But how should the best iPhone 8 protective film look like and from what material should it be?

Experts are talking from armored glass or anti-reflex protective films, which are already online for the Samsung Galaxy S7 for example.

These offer, of course, some advantages as an iPhone 8 protection foil, because the armored glass will protect your new favorite like a tank.

Why? Armored glass is a material that is eight times stronger than normal protective glass and therefore it offers an enormous breaking strength. It also cuts of well in the categories of haptics, transparency and dirt repellency.

The anti-reflex protective film should be used as a reflection protection by sunlight. This iPhone 8 protective film, however, provides less stability, but in the category

Transparency it’s really high.

If you would like to read more to the subject of armored glass / protective foils, please feel free to visit our blog.

That sounds quite convincing for an iPhone 8 protective film, right?

In summary, it can be said that the smartphone accessories manufacturers rely on some

changes: For one, it is the new rounded iPhone 8 display, which can be compared with the Edge to Edge design with the Samsung Galaxy S7. A preliminary solution can already be seen in the protective film made of armored glass or the anti-reflex protective film,

which is already well adapted to this renewal. On the other hand it is still the question of the missing Home Button and the new size of the iPhone 8 that remains open.

Not despair, ask GLAZ:

Of course, the GLAZ team has a already a solution:

The “GLAZ Liquid“, which is already available in our shop, grants a complete cover of the

Display and is ensured by the application of liquid glass crystals. Whether Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone, convince yourself of our liquid glass protection, in the videos on youtube.

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