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Does an iPhone 8 case really protect enough the new bought Smartphone?

Since the Keynote in September 2017, we may welcome the new Apple iPhone 8 in the world of Smartphones. A Retina screen, including True Tone technology and three new finishes, can make the heart skip a beat of Apple fans. But so many new technologies can be destroyed during a short moment of inactiveness. Now you can find all tips and tricks about the iPhone 8 case.

The iPhone 8 case – basic information about iPhone 8

The rumors have been numerous about the most popular Smartphone series of the world. The speculations were from a borderless OLED screen without home button to an iron man-look. After Apple’s disclosures, we have been really surprised: Two instead of one new Smartphone have been presented – iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X. The design of iPhone 8/8Plus is similar to the design of previous models. The home button, including touch ID, remains unchained. It has been used inter alia a stronger glass. If there is somebody, who wants to know more about the various renewals of iPhone 8, can look in our blog for further articles. Nonetheless Apple iPhone models, remain the most fragile models of Smartphone industry. Other companies, such as Samsung or Huawei, score better. So how I can protect my favorite device in the best way?

iPhone 8 case or a protective foil of bulletproof glass?

We have to protect our daily companion like we protect us. Especially screen damages, which restrict the technology, are annoying and hard to accept with a purchase of a three-digit euro range. Apart from damages in screen area, there are also damages of touch ID and image stabilizer. For this reason, you should pay a little bit more for the right foil and case. Apart from a suitable iPhone 8 protective foil, we recommend an iPhone 8 case as well, to give a perfect all-round protection. Furthermore we will offer the GLAZ Liquid 2.0 for the backside of Apple iPhone 8 in near future. With a protection for the iPhone backside, you can also avoid damages, scratches or other external influences. What are you waiting for? If you have any questions, we are to you gladly at the disposal. Of course, we offer our products for other Smartphones, smart watches or tablets, such as Samsung Galaxy S8 or Apple Watch series 3. Keep checking our shop. We look forward to receiving order from you.


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