iPhone 8 bulletproof glass Test

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In this iPhone 8 bulletproof glass Test we show you, which bulletproof glass is the best for you iPhone 8. For the election of a bulletproof glass, is it important to know some details in advance. There are a number of various types of bulletproof glasses on the market. So much that you can lose the plot. The wide choice can have some consequences: For example it is possible, that you won’t be able to consider factors, which are important for the integrity of your iPhone.

The importance of Smartphone protection

In our iPhone 8 bulletproof glass Test you don’t just find out, which is the ideal protection for your iPhone 8. You’ll also learn about the importance of a screen protection. An iPhone 8 protection as a bulletproof glass is necessary to save the Smartphone of Apple from losses for the long run.

Imagine following situation: You have bought a new iPhone 8, available on market since September 2017, which has an impressive total of several hundred euro. It has neither scratches nor other damages. The following morning, the day starts stressful. You rush to take the bus or train. While your chef is calling, the Smartphone falls on ground. You pick it up and you see that the Smartphone hasn’t survived this situation without any damage.

Now a bulletproof glass comes into play: A suitable bulletproof glass might to protect your iPhone 8 from annoying situations like this. The right bulletproof glass makes it even possible. Thereby you have to pay attention of some factors. The hardness grade and size are one of the factors, to which you should pay attention before a purchase.

iPhone 8 bulletproof glass Test: What really makes a good bulletproof glass?

A display protection of bulletproof glass should not exert a lot of pressure on the screen. But a high hardness grade in conjunction with a good elasticity is indispensable. The hardness grade should have a minimum of 8 H. A bulletproof glass should even give the opportunity to use it more than once. If the Touch-Function is restricted, it has to be advised against the protection sheet. It’s no use, if your iPhone 8 may be protected with a bulletproof glass, but normal using is not successful. An optimal display protection sheet has to have a maximum thickness of 0,30 mm to give still a visual appearance. It would be perfect, if the corners are coordinated with iPhone color. This leads to a better visual appearance. With a rounded iPhone 8 bulletproof glass, you won’t realize that your iPhone 8 applied a film. The bulletproof glass should have a good adhesion as well. If the corners begin to come off the display, dust and other cruds are coming under the glass.  So this looks not really aesthetic. In order that the transparency is not being lost, a minimum of 90 % of transparency is recommended. A high transparency is important to reach a good readability and contrast ratio of display.

iPhone 8 bulletproof glass Test: This is how the bulletproof glasses perform

In different iPhone 8 bulletproof glass Test bulletproof glasses perform mediocre. Some restrict the Touch-Function, so that you cannot use the Smartphone in a usual way. Some bulletproof glasses restrict the contrast ratio. This ensures that the screen is murky and reflects. Many iPhone 8 bulletproof glasses have no beautiful look. They are either too thick or they attracts attention due to their protruding edges. Although the optic does not have a major role in order to security, a lot of Smartphone users don’t want to realize a difference with a bulletproof glass.

This is the difference between iPhone 8 bulletproof glasses of GLAZ and other glasses

Many bulletproof glasses did not have a good performance in iPhone 8 bulletproof glass Tests. But of course, there are not comparable with the bulletproof glasses of GLAZ. Our bulletproof glasses have a thickness of 0,25 mm consisting of genuine glass. Our display protecting glasses are available in our shop and on Amazon. Touch-Functions are obviously not restricted with a product of GLAZ. You’ll feel no difference in using – with or without a display protection film. The GLAZ bulletproof glass gives a beautiful appearance. The glasses for iPhone 8 are available with a black or a white edge. This edge does not attract the attention in a negative sense.

The iPhone 8 bulletproof glasses of GLAZ combine all advantages of a perfect display protection. The Smartphone is increasingly important nowadays. We use it day-to-day and it makes sure that we can keep in contact with family and friends and the Smartphone expends the participation in virtual life. For this reason, you should not forego using an iPhone 8 bulletproof glass of GLAZ, so that the Smartphone functions perfectly for a long time.


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