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What is the optimal iPhone 8 armored glass test? Soon, the time has come! This year’s biggest masterpiece, the Apple iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus, will be released in September 2017. With all the hustle and bustle, many people forget the most important accessories and this is, of course, the right screen protection. Exactly this is as important as never before, since the Apple iPhone 8 will probably cost 1000 US dollars (about 842 euros). According to statistics, the displays of the Apple devices, unlike the Samsung Galaxy phones, are still very unstable. We are reporting today about the optimal screen protector film and why you should opt for this reason precisely for the iPhone 8 armored glass from GLAZ.

A fallacy

The most important factor in our iPhone 8 armored glass test is the understanding of the actual function of a screen protector made of armored glass: this is usually destroyed in case of damage such as a fall, in order to derive the resulting kinetic energy from the display. Therefore the display should remain unchanged! Although the Apple iPhone 8 armored glass would have to be renewed, but a repair of the display would definitely be more expensive.

Hard as a sapphire

Of course, the perfect Apple iPhone 8 armored glass must be able to withstand damage of all kinds. No matter whether it is a scratch or a fall, the display should remain as undisturbed as possible.

An essential quality feature of armored glass is the so-called degree of hardness, which basically relates to the resilience of glass. The scale ranges from 1-9. 9H means that the film is nine times stronger than normal glass. Normal screen protectors have a hardness of 2-3H. However, armored glass has a value of 9H and thus even protects the respective smartphone from hammer hits. There is, however, a major drawback: the sensitivity of the touch screen as well as the light transmission is limited by most manufacturer models! Of course you could change the brightness of the smartphone in terms of light permeability. However, this results in a higher battery consumption.

Is armored glass not the optimum?

Not only the sensitivity, but also the application of the film on the respective mobile phone is a huge challenge for many other manufacturers. Likewise, many models develop after some time cracks at the edge of the respective protective film. This can be roughly compared to a stone impact on the car window: These split, but do not form dangerous, sharp-edged edges. The optics are permanently influenced. Another point is the lack of protection of the entire display front. Especially with the iPhone models the home button usually remains unprotected.

iPhone 8 armored glass from GLAZ

Our innovative iPhone 8 armored glass has combined all the positive features and eliminates the above-mentioned negative annoyances to perfectly protect the Apple iPhone 8. Our transparent screen protector has a hardness of 9H, without affecting the sensitivity of the touch screen or light transmission! A protection that you do not notice or sees with maximum protection. Our hammer hits and also the 4 meter drop (measured on parquet) were able to withstand our test arm with our protective film made of armored glass. Nevertheless, we do not recommend such a test with your own smartphone, since microcracks can significantly influence the stability of the film!

With a layer thickness of 0.25 mm, our iPhone 8 screen protector even covers the edges so that any additional accessory can be attached in the form of a cover, unhindered. The application is just as easy to use and a fitting guide is, of course, on top of it. Of course, the GLAZ team has prepared for this case very precisely and created for you the perfect screen protection from armored glass. Pre-orders are already accepted online. The date of the delivery will be announced to you!

For still undecided customers

For those of you who are still undecided by purchasing an Apple iPhone 8, you can continue to purchase the GLAZ Liquid 2.0 or the Displayschutz 2.0 4D in our shop or on Amazon. Cost: 34.90 Euro incl. VAT. Of course, you can also protect other Apple or Samsung products such as the iPad, the Apple Watch Series 2 or the Samsung Galaxy. When you buy 3 products, shipping is free! Further updates and articles can be found on our website, on Twitter or on Facebook. We hope our iPhone 8 armored glass test will help you before you buy an armored glass. What are you waiting for? Protect what you love !!


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