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The iPhone 7 has been on the market for a month, which is for us reason enough to do a new comparison of the iPhone SE to the top model: iPhone 7 vs iPhone SE. For you, we have summarized the great differences between the two models in different detailed categories, compared them and made a final conclusion.


In the design, the iPhone 7 sets new standards, also with the new colors jet black and matte black in addition to the colors silver, gold and rose gold like the iPhone SE. Unlike the iPhone SE, the iPhone 7 offers protection against dust and water due to the elimination of the mechanical touch-ID button and the new Unibody aluminum case, and is classified as IP67. The iPhone SE impresses with its timeless, custom 4 inch design, which is now after the iPhone 5 and 5s in the 3rd generation. The iPhone 7 wins this category in the comparison iPhone 7 vs iPhone SE due to the more modern and more functional designs.


In this category, the difference between the iPhone 7 vs iPhone SE will be significantly larger. In the iPhone 7 is the new A10 Fusion, which has a 40% faster CPU than the A9 and a 200% faster GPU. In addition, the A10 Fusion has 2GB memory available instead of only 1GB in the iPhone SE. This increased performance is also visible in the everyday life of iOS 10, the applications start faster and pages in the safari browser do not have to be reloaded. The battery life in comparison of the iPhone 7 vs iPhone SE is on the same level, both models offer 14h talk time with 3G and while surfing with WIFI, the iPhone 7 runs 14h and the iPhone SE 13h.


Also the display continues to develop with Apple, as you can see on the iPhone 7. Only the pixel density with 326ppi is the same for both models, the iPhone SE with a 4 inch Retina display and the iPhone 7 with a 4.7 inch Retina display. The contrast ratio is nearly twice as large as the iPhone SE with 800:1 and the iPhone 7 with 1400:1. The iPhone 7 has a brightness of 625cd / m2 and is therefore brighter than the counterpart with 500cd / m2 and at the same time covers the larger color space P3 than the iPhone SE with full S-RGB color space. Additionally, the iPhone 7 has the 3D Force-Touch, known from the iPhone 6s, which can be used for touch-sensitive commands. Apple’s current top model also wins the 3rd category in comparison of the iPhone 7 vs iPhone SE.


The main attention at the September Keynote 2016 was on the new camera system of the iPhone 7 particularly on the plus model. The iPhone SE features a 12 megapixel camera with an aperture of f / 2.2, the iPhone 7 works with a larger aperture of f / 1.8. The camera is supported by an improved True Tone Flash with 4 instead of 2 LEDs and an optical image stabilizer designed to prevent blurry pictures. The FaceTime HD camera was also reworked by Apple and now shoots Selfies with 7 megapixels instead of 1.2 megapixels. Additionally with a helpful automatic image stabilization, the Retina Flash and a larger color range in the iPhone 7 for better pictures and photos. In this category of the comparison iPhone 7 vs iPhone SE, the iPhone 7 also wins.


Both the iPhone 7 and the iPhone SE support all important mobile radio frequency bands in the GSM / HSDPA / LTE network. Unlike the iPhone SE, the iPhone 7 can also radiate in the LTE frequency bands 27, 28 and 30. Both Apple devices dominate WI-FI a / b / g / n / ac (the iPhone 7 additionally MIMO), Bluetooth 4.2. and NFC.

The data exchange and the loading of the devices takes place via the Lightning connector and with the iPhone 7 also the audio output, the iPhone SE is still available with the 3.5mm jack connection. Because of the new WIFI technology MIMO and the larger LTE frequency band cover, the iPhone 7 also wins this category in comparison of the iPhone 7 vs iPhone SE.

Storage and prices:

The iPhone SE is available in storage options 16GB and 64GB, the iPhone 7 in 32GB, 128GB and 256GB. The prices for the iPhone SE start at 479 € / 539 €, the iPhone 7 is at least 759 € / 869 € / 979 €. Due to the ever-increasing memory demand, the smallest version of the iPhone SE is not recommended, between the largest version of the iPhone SE and the smallest version of the iPhone 7 is a price difference of 220 €, which is justified however and the surcharge is worthwhile. The iPhone 7 wins the duel iPhone 7 vs iPhone SE in this category.


The new iPhone 7 sets new standards in performance and design, the iPhone SE remains true to its name “special edition” and will continue to appeal to the customers who want a 4 inch smartphone with up-to-date technology and sophisticated design. The iPhone 7 clearly stands out as the winner of this duel iPhone 7 vs iPhone SE


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