iPhone 7 Reception – no network after switching from flight mode

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Since the release of the iPhone 7 and the new iOS 10, there are first problems with the iPhone 7 reception after reactivating from the flight mode. There seems to be a bug in the new iOS 10, which has probably been there since the first beta version of the new operating system and Apple is aware of the iPhone 7 reception problem but until now with the version 10.0.2, it has not been fixed. This bug is again and again reproducible: The iPhone 7 reception is lost after each deactivation of the flight mode. “No network” appears on the home screen and the iPhone gets very warm on the back, as the A10 fusion constantly tries to connect to the mobile network. There are already solutions for this problem, but these are laborious and uncomfortable.

Solution no. 1: After the flight mode, the iPhone has to be completely restarted.

Solution no. 2: If the iPhone 7 reception has not been restored after the restart, the removal and resetting of the SIM card can help.

Solution no. 3: If everything fails, Apple will change affected devices for free in the Apple Store. According to reports, Apple should have replacement devices in stock for this case.

The problem with the iPhone 7 reception probably also affects other Apple devices, as some users reported in forums. They reported similar problems after importing iOS 10 on various devices such as iPhone 6s (Plus), iPad Mini 4 or iPad Pro 9.7.


Every major update of the operating system contains risks for new bugs, therefor this time the iPhone 7 reception does not work flawlessly when changing from flight mode to network mode. Why Apple could not fix this problem remains questionable. According to the first information, the next update of the iOS will fix the problem of the iPhone 7 reception. If you are affected, it is best not to switch to the flight mode or to follow the solution approaches from above.


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