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iPhone 7 and iPhone X issues: When searching for the keyword “iPhone 7 and iPhone X issues” on the internet, it shows many search results within some seconds. Many Apple users also complain about this issue with several iPhone models and telephone calls. With iPhone X, the income calls shall not be displayed correctly on the screen. This means that, the screen isn’t activated with an incoming call. So, the screen remains black and you can just notice this call, when you are deactivating the lock screen. With the Apple model – iPhone 7 – there are similar issues. Although the mobile phone has enough network activities, the report “No Service” is published.

iPhone 7 and iPhone X issues: Which devices are affected?

Apple has official confirmed now, that there are iPhone 7 and iPhone X issues with the respective devices. The affected devices were manufactured between the period of September 2016 and February 2018. It remains unclear, why the iPhone 7 and iPhone X issues are not present with iOS and iPhone 8. Nevertheless, the German users can be relieved: As per Apple, devices, which were manufactured in the USA and some Asia countries are just affected. The European market is not affected.

iPhone 7 and iPhone X issues: How Apple goes about this issue?

Admittedly, the iPhone X has already had many issues concerning the software. But a professional company – such as Apple – knows perfects, how it goes about this issue. And so, it does in this case. Devices, which are manufactured after February 2018 don’t have these iPhone 7 and iPhone X issues. For all affected devices, Apple gives the opportunity to make a free replacement.

iPhone 7 and iPhone X issues: Further annoying problems

No question about it – The iPhone 7 and iPhone X issues seem to be very annoying for the users. But we may not forget that the best quality has always to fight with some bugs – Windows and Samsung are just two examples. Nevertheless, it isn’t very easy to do something. But, there are some situation, in which we can do something for the integrity of the Smartphone. A suitable screen protector for the Smartphone is the answer. If you had already invested a tidy sum of money, a short inactiveness can be responsible for a serious damage. For this reason, a suitable screen protector in form of tempered glass or a case is so essential.

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