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iOS 11.3 issue: Nobody is perfect. Event the major companies like Apple or Samsung. This is why there are always some software updates, which shall solve the usual problems. In addition to solving the problems, there are also a high number of improvements for the user. Actually, Apple offers the iOS 11.3 update for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod. This update is available as download now.

iOS 11.3 issue: Make an update at first

Before we will talk about the regular topic, I want to give you a short update introduction now, which will help you to download the update easily. Meanwhile, the installation is a small competition as we can lose the track of the whole setting. For this reason I thought that I will give you a short introduction at this place:

To install the new iOS 11.3, you should choose the section “Settings”. Subsequently, you choose “General”. Almost at the beginning – on the second place – you’ll find the term “Software update”. After you have clicked on this term, the system begins to search automatically for the actual update. Now you should only click on “Install now” to get an update.

iOS 11.3 issue: Which improvements are available?

The new iOS for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch has many improvements. I want to tell you now some of these improvements. As there are more than 50 improvements, I will give you a brief conclusion:

·         Improvements of battery life

·         new Animoji for iPhone X users

·         improvements of information on data privacy protection

·         updated music video parts

·         an easier use of reviews on App-Store

·         better protection of data on Safari

·         new layouts of keyboard

·         better search performance in “Contacts”

·         Solving problems:

–          termination of incoming calls in the quiescent

–          no delay in Visual Voicemail

–          web links in “messages” can be opened easier

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iOS 11.3 issue: What is the problem of iOS 11.3?

Motherboard – a magazine from the USA – reported that there is a higher number of an iOS 11.3 issue after an update. As per this US magazine, screens are affected, which aren’t manufactured by Apple.

We all know that the construction of modern Smartphones leave a lot to be desired in terms of “stability”. There is already a high risk of damages with smaller crashes. As the repair costs by Apple have a nice sum, a lot of users go to shops, which the screen can be changed with less money. Thereby these shops built-in cheaper screen to offer this service in a lower price segment.

After an update, it can be arrive following iOS 11.3 issue: The Apple screen doesn’t run in a normal way. This means that the Touch functions of the screen are restricted. Everybody knows that the Smartphone it more than unusable with this iOS 11.3 issue. There are also rumors that Apple is responsible for this problem. But these rumors aren’t official confirmed.

iOS 11.3 issue: Is it really so serious?

The first hype of this topic was high. But meanwhile, an “all-clear” is given. Older models are not affected by this iOS 11.3 issue. The iOS 11.3 issue is actually shown with iPhone 8/Plus models. But even there are not many users, who complain about this problem. We could even say that the number of complaints isn’t higher than after every several update.

iOS 11.3 issue: Conclusion

So, there are isolated complaints, which are due to an iOS 11.3 issue. A user is especially faced, when the screen was changed by a third party. 

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