Ion x Glass vs Sapphire - Which one is the better display glass?

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Manufacturing & Components – Ion x Glass vs Sapphire

The ion x glass is produced from a piece of glass, which is placed in a 400 ° C hot potassium salt bath, where the smaller sodium ions of the glass dissolve. The larger potassium ions then adhere to the surface of the glass. There is now a lack of space on the surface, which makes the glass denser and more resistant. The sapphire on the other hand, is not made from real sapphire. The name of the glass is not quite correct in this case. The sapphire is actually a series of colorless corundum crystals. A true sapphire is also made of corundum crystals, but is slightly bluish. This is due to the increased iron and titanium content in the corundum. Next we take a look on the features and the sensitivities of Ion X Glass vs Sapphire.

Features & Sensitivities – Ion x Glass vs Sapphire

The feature point in the report Ion x Glass vs Sapphire, is one of the most important. Both glasses have their advantages and disadvantages. The Ion x glass from Apple has the advantage that it is simply much more flexible than the sapphire. Tests show that the ion x glass can withstand 2.5 times more weight in a bend than the sapphire. If you drop an Apple Watch with Ion x glass, the display does not crack quite as fast as an Apple Watch with sapphire. The Ion X glass also has the advantage of being much lighter and cheaper. That’s why Apple uses it in the cheap Apple Watch sports variant. The big drawback with the Ion X glass is, unfortunately, that it is easier to scratch. It is scratch resistance to keys or coins though. The sapphire has the advantage that it is very difficult to scratch. The sapphire has a 9 in degree of hardness, which is directly below the diamond with the degree of 10. It is therefore about 25% stronger than the ion x glass, as far as this point is concerned. Unfortunately the sapphire is much more expensive and is not as flexible as the Ion x glass. If you weigh it, you will notice that it is 67% heavier. The video of the English YouTuber FullMag also shows that the Apple Watch with sapphire is not as sturdy as one would actually assume. The video here:

The test Ion x Glass vs Sapphire shows a winner. The Ion x glass convinces in spite of higher scratch sensitivity in the areas of flexibility, price and weight.

Ion x Glass  :   TOP

Sapphire:         FLOP

My conclusion – Ion x glass vs sapphire

In my opinion, the Ion x glass won the contest Ion x glass vs sapphire. It is lighter, cheaper and tear-resistant. Although it is more sensitive than the sapphire when it comes to scratches, I still think that a cracked display glass is more fatal than a scratched one. In addition, the replacement of a sapphire is very expensive. If you want to make your Ion x glass screen even more scratch-resistant, a liquid protective liquid from GLAZ is very suitable. It is applied to the display of the device and after 36 hours of hardening it is protected from scratches. All the info about the Liquid and how to get it: GLAZ-Shop

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