Hardware damages through cases

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How do hardware damages occur through cases?

Hazardous area Cases! – What causes hardware damage by cases.

If we were to ask you how the perfect protection for your favorite smartphone looks like, then you would doubtless think about a case / protective cover or a screen protector.

Seriously! Everyone would say now that such a case removes all the worries about a bigger damage. Also, everyone would argue that the hardware of a mobile phone often survives one or two falls. Why not? That’s what is a Case about.


We clarify why hardware damage can result from cases

In the world of cases there are some differences, especially in the material. There are so-called „bumpers” which act more resistant to falls. As a result, the framework of the mobile phone remains largely protected. Unless it lands stupidly on the edge. Sounds promising, does’nt it? Exactly these „bumpers” causes special damage to the hardware. The first reports came from the iPhone 4s. But it was not just with this device: With numerous smartphone models like the Samsung Galaxy S6 or the Apple iPhone 7, you were able to read the following:

Scratches on the hardware ,caused by the case!

Who is responsible for that?

Small stones or larger dust particles scratch the rear frame of the smartphone.

It is, of course, only an optical error, but we would still see it in the category of hardware damage through cases.

But however, it always goes worser

All new smartphones have a very sensitive component on the back, the mobile camera. Of course this is spared on the rear of normal cases. Thus, in the case of a multiple crash, the sensors of the autofocus can be destroyed or even impaired.

Short Reminder: An autofocus sets the screen sharpness. The camera is thus affected and the pictures are not so beautiful anymore. Through the defect of the sensitive sensors, they cause damage to the hardware through cases.


Of course Cases largely protect the hardware of the mobile phone / smartphone. Nonetheless, damages of the hardware through cases are not always unavoidable. Therefor you should not overstrain the mobile phone with falls.

Falls not only damages the smartphone but also the value

On the subject of scratches on the back by dust or microparticles, we have found an optimal solution for you. With the product GLAZ Diamond for the iPhone 7 Jetblack and GLAZ Titan for all othe other models with a aluminum back, you are definitely on the right side. These products do harden the back of your smartphone to make them more resistant to damages of this type.


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