GLAZ screen protector – An armored glass for my iPhone 7

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GLAZ screen protector – An armored glass for my iPhone 7

The new iPhone 7 recently came on the market and again the question arises, which is the right armored glass for it. I chose for my iPhone 7 diamond black a protective glass from GLAZ. The so-called screen protector 2.0 is available in two colors for the iPhone. “Two colors?” Yes, the armored glass is available with a black and a white border. But the coolest is that the screen protector 2.0 is not visible. The armored glass of GLAZ is a little thicker than an ordinary foil, but is almost invisible with the appropriate cover. The included Touch ID button, which comes in two colors, gives my iPhone the individual touch.

A great advantage about GLAZ is the very grease resistant surface. I used the armored glass on several devices and annoying fingerprints are never visible. Two thumbs up! Another cool feature of the product is that you can change the color of your device on the front. I own a black iPhone, which has a very individual touch through the white screen protector. The German YouTuber Felixba has made an interesting video about this.

The protective glass reaches its limits with the use of other cases, because I have a hard case for my iPhone. The armored glass is unfortunately not compatible with the hard case, due to the counter pressure it pushes up the laid armored glass. This creates unwanted air bubbles. Fortunately this is the only down point in the display protection of GLAZ. But there are other cases that fit.

Let’s get to the most important point; the protection. GLAZ screen protection is one of the few foils that really keep what they promise. My own device has already fallen down from a higher height and I was lucky to have this armored glass. I thought my iPhone was totally scratched, but only the armored glass was torn. The invested 32 € paid off for a good protection, since I prefer to buy a new screen protection instead of spending 140 € for a repair at Apple.

One thing however is crystal clear. If you spend 750, – € for an iPhone, you should also be equipped with a protective glass, which adapts to your iPhone and gives it the perfect protection. Even the Home Button is protected by a colored ring in the display screen 2.0. The deepening by the armored glass is therefore completely balanced. The developers have really thought of everything here to give my iPhone the right style and the perfect protection.

My conclusion

I am personally very satisfied with the GLAZ screen protection 2.0. The armored glass holds what it promises and looks very elegant. There is also a nice customer support team, where you can report from Monday to Friday from 8.00 – 16.00 if necessary. The product is elegantly packaged and contains detailed instructions to apply the armored glass perfectly. I also liked that I can change the color of the display. No other product on the market offers me this variety. That’s the reason why I can recommend GLAZ Screen Protector 2.0 to all those who want something special, highly recommended.


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