Must have - GLAZ Diamond protects your new iPhone 7 jet black

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Must have – GLAZ Diamond protects your new iPhone 7 jet black

The iPhone 7 jet black, is in our opinion, the most beautiful and noble iPhone of all generations and to keep it that way, Apple recommends the use of a case. But why put such a beautiful “design iPhone” in a protective cover if you won’t be able to see it? Under the slogan “A beautiful back can also delight”, we present you our new protection for the iPhone 7 jet black, the GLAZ Diamond .Why do you need the GLAZ Diamond and what can the new product do? We will tell you!

The material

With the release of the new iPhone 7, Apple warned on its own side against scratches if the new iPhone is not protected with a case. As described in other blog posts, Apple’s iPhone 7 jet black is a new case finish, which is anodized and polished in nine steps by alternating anodizing and polishing onto the aluminum case. This glass finish, however, is quite soft from the surface structure, causing damage to the surface quickly by nano crystals

The GLAZ Diamond

This is where the new GLAZ Diamond is applied to the iPhone 7 jet black and hardens the surface with its unique coating against nano crystals. The GLAZ Diamond sits in the soft surface structure of the back of the iPhone 7, strengthens the molecular structure of the material and protects at the same time from further damage. Furthermore, fingerprints and grease are largely minimized by the closed surface to maintain the beautiful back of the iPhone 7 jet black. The new GLAZ Diamond can’t offer complete scratch or fall resistance jet. This is what the new GLAZ Diamond can do!


The Apple has created a smartphone that not only sets new standards in performance but also in the field of design, with the new iPhone 7 jet black. The weak point of the beautiful design is the scratch sensitivity of the back. The GLAZ Diamond takes the protection to continue to enjoy the beautiful design of the iPhone 7 jet black


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