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Why you should invest some money in an iPhone 8 protective foil

The iPhone 8/Plus was along with iPhone X on market in 2017. Of course the hype was high; especially for the anniversary model of Apple. The iPhone 8 has gone down during the excitement of iPhone X. This was a wrong decision, because this iPhone offer also a lot. Concerning the inner life, it is similar to iPhone X; it is only the Face ID, which is not available with iPhone 8. But it is exactly this feature, which makes the iPhone X particularly vulnerable. This is just like the glasses backside, which is so sensitive for scratches and other damages. Concerning this disadvantage, the iPhone 8 can score. Though, the protection should not be missed. Precautions like an iPhone 8 protective foil or case should be chosen.

There are a wide range of iPhone 8 protective foil versions from third-party suppliers on the internet – from dirt cheap to very expensive; from simple to extravagant. So, how we can find the right? GLAZ offers the solution!

Take on – Action: an even better protective foil

GLAZ is permanently taking steps to improve its products. With the second version of iPhone 8 protective foil they surpassed themselves. The tempered glass foil in 4 D speaks for itself. With only 0,3 mm, the real glass is one of the thinnest protective foil on market. Thereby your mobile phone doesn’t become clunky and its marvelous design isn’t restricted. And despite the thin foil, the screen protector has a high hardness grade of 9H and with this fact it is as hard as a sapphire. Thereby you can protect your iPhone in every situation. You can also protect it against crashes and scratches. The processing meets every need as well. Perfect openings are responsible for an unimpeded sensor and feeling. There are also no problems with the Touch ID Button. The supplied button leads for an optimal optic and doesn’t make some consolidations.

Elegant and effective

Many cheap protective foils don’t give glamour for your Smartphone. You’ll see some foil borders after a short time, which make the screen milky. This may be acceptable with cheaper mobile phones, but with an iPhone this may be annoying. Hence, GLAZ has adjusted its design to the iPhone design, without disregarding the protection. The iPhone 8 protective foil is transparent and doesn’t restrict the color brilliance of the iPhone. With a transparency of 99 % you can also enjoy the color brilliance and HD quality of the iPhone.

The new iPhone 8 protective foil enclose not merely the borderless screen; it protects even more than the border by means of the new 4D glass rounding. So this is why sensitive borders of the iPhone can be protected now. Furthermore the endless elegant design of iPhone 8 remains untouched. The foil is available in black and white, so that the screen protector can be transparent with the different iPhone colors.


A difficult affixing is a thing of the past now

Everybody knows it: the new-bought foil makes some problems during the affixing. Blisters or incorrect affixed foils don’t look really attractive. For this reason, GLAZ doesn’t deliver just the simple screen protector. GLAZ delivers also an instruction with application aid. With this aid it is very easy to affix the iPhone 8 protective foil on your Smartphone. Furthermore you can also look in our instruction on YouTube.


Carefree life with this foil

Realistically, there are further protective foils, which are considerable cheaper than the foils of GLAZ. But when you take a deeper look into these foils, you’ll see that these foils don’t offer a lot. A perfect protection with an elegant design cannot be found anywhere in the world. Further coatings, such as Easy-Clean and an Anti-Finger-Print, leads to an easier cleaning with less fingerprints. While other foils looks quickly milky and damaged, the iPhone 8 protective foil from GLAZ can endure more than the usual protective foils. The screen protector stays transparent as glass and endures more damages than usual protective foils.

The right protection can protect you against annoying situations as well. The new iOS 11.3 were available for more than two weeks. The reason is a high number of complaints from iPhone 8 users, who aren’t satisfied with the new update. It could lead to an unusable screen. Such moments are very annoying, but you are able to avoid them as well. To avoid situations like these, you should protect the screen in a safe way. For example you can protect it with the screen protectors from GLAZ, because we focus on the best protection.

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