iPhone X Display

iPhone X Display as far as the eye can reach ?

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The gossip factory has worked overtime and speculations about the iPhone X display couldn’t be stopped – How it would look the anniversary model of Apple? Until then people didn’t know that the new iPhone model would not have the same level like iPhone 8. But in the meantime certain information was disclosed. iPhone X… Read more »

iPhone X Display Repair

Everything about the iPhone X display repair ??

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An iPhone X display repair could be according to current knowledge in the three-digit euro area. But to what extent is Apple’s high end product of the year 2017 more vulnerable to display damage of all kinds? All valuable tips are now available from us to be able to enjoy the new Apple iPhone X… Read more »

iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8

iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8 – The Battle of the Giants ?

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In our ultimate iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8 comparison, the giants of smartphone technology are closely scrutinized. Apple or Samsung – Who has the nose ahead? All news and updates about the probably best releases of 2017, are now available from us: iPhone X Galaxy Note 8 – The first impression Many Samsung enthusiasts… Read more »

iPhone 8 vs iPhone X

iPhone 8 vs iPhone X – The Smartphone Test 2017 ?

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The iPhone 8 vs iPhone X comparison shows you whether it is worth to grab deeper into the wallet or if the new technical stuff is not quite what you need. The two versions of the new iOS-based smartphone differ not only from the design, but also have different functionalities and features under the beautiful… Read more »