iPhone 8 Kupfer

Hello iPhone 8 Copper – Goodbye Rose Gold

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Just before the probably most important anniversary keynote in September 2017, new rumors gather around an iPhone 8 copper version. Many websites or bloggers like Benjamin Geskin shared pictures on Twitter or Facebook, which shows the iPhone in three colors: black, white and “champagne gold” or rather “copper gold”. The source is to come directly… Read more »

iPhone 8 Siri

iPhone 8 Siri artificial intelligence

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Will the iPhone 8 Siri makes the next move in matters of artificial intelligence or will it even be possibly to let the competitor stand in the shade? After all, artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly important in today’s world. So, of course, all modern Electronic manufacturers want to get the best out of their electronic… Read more »

iPhone 8 Touch ID

The iPhone 8 Touch ID is integrated into the display

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The Apple iPhone 8 will be presented with great certainty in September 2017 the keynote by Tim Cook and many open questions are clarified in advance by leaks like the iPhone 8 Touch ID. A few months ago, pictures with an iPhone 8 touch ID on the back were on Facebook and Twitter, but now,… Read more »

iPhone 8 OLED display

The new upcoming iPhone 8 OLED display

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The iPhone 8 OLED display is one of the topics that are currently hotly debated. The LCD screens previously used by Apple are to be replaced by an OLED display. Where these come from, is already firm. Apple is to have a billions heavy order placed with the competing company Samsung. At least 60 million… Read more »

iPhone 8 Mattschwarz

The iPhone 8 Black with New Alloy and Hard Aluminum Unibody

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Apple is putting a new aluminum alloy on the iPhone 7 in black, which shows however it weaknesses and is improved with the iPhone 8 black. We assume that Apple’s iPhone 8 black has changed the alloy, that means the composition of the individual components of the aluminum. The old iPhone 5 problem Many of… Read more »

iPhone 8 sensors

All about the iPhone 8 sensors

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What solution will there be for the iPhone 8 sensors? The long wait is coming to an end and in September of this year, we can look forward to the iPhone 8 Edition / Plus / Pro, of course powered by Apple. In this gigantic Apple year, much has been speculated about releases and news… Read more »

iPhone 7 vs iPhone 8

In comparison: iPhone 7 vs. iPhone 8

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Many rumors circulate through the net about the iPhone 8 but what are the differences between the iPhone 7 vs. iPhone 8. What will it look like? What is installed? What is the difference between the iPhone 7 predecessor model and the smartphone what it promises? What differences are these and what rumors it is,… Read more »

iPhone 8 Jet White

Unique and classy – The iPhone 8 Jet White

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Soon the wait has an end and maybe some of us can even look forward to the iPhone 8 Jet White. We from GLAZ have researched for you whether Apple actually in September could bring an iPhone 8 Jet White to the market: The revolution of smartphones The countdown is running, in September of this… Read more »