iPhone 8 Case

Protect your favorite with a iPhone 8 case of GLAZ ?

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Does an iPhone 8 case really protect enough the new bought Smartphone? Since the Keynote in September 2017, we may welcome the new Apple iPhone 8 in the world of Smartphones. A Retina screen, including True Tone technology and three new finishes, can make the heart skip a beat of Apple fans. But so many… Read more »

iPhone 8 screen repair

Which is the best option for iPhone 8 screen repair ?

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Which of us is not familiar with these situations: The Smartphone dropped on the floor caused by inattentiveness on your part or on another person. The fear of a broken display is so great. It’s not just companies like Apple where an iPhone 8 screen repair becomes expensive. So what is important to note if… Read more »

iPhone 7 vs iPhone 8

iPhone 7 vs iPhone 8- The ultimate comparison 2017 ?

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iPhone 7 vs iPhone 8 – Which Apple Smartphone is now better? This question has become much more important since the official keynote in September 2017, as Apple’s latest high-end product will revolutionize the world of smartphones. Will the Samsung Galaxy / Note products get a new competition? All facts, news and updates are now… Read more »

iPhone 8 Touch ID Iron Man

With the iPhone 8 Touch ID Iron Man conquer the world

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Apple’s rumored kitchen is revived with the iPhone 8 Touch ID Iron Man look once again. Yes you read correctly: Iron Man Look! We all know the science fiction figure from the year 2008, which in its high-tech suit all adventures experienced. But what does Apple have to do with Iron Man? We will soon… Read more »

iPhone 8 Reparatur

More complicated iPhone 8 repair

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If you want to increase the next generation of the iPhones, you should take care of your new smartphone perhaps a little more than before. Because an iPhone 8 repair could be a lot more difficult and thus certainly also more expensive. It may even be worthwhile to make an insurance over your mobile phone… Read more »

iPhone 8 Panzerglas Test

The ultimate iPhone 8 armored glass test

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What is the optimal iPhone 8 armored glass test? Soon, the time has come! This year’s biggest masterpiece, the Apple iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus, will be released in September 2017. With all the hustle and bustle, many people forget the most important accessories and this is, of course, the right screen protection. Exactly… Read more »