Die iPhone SE 2 protective foil

iPhone SE 2 protective foil – A safe protection with the products of GLAZ

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Apple hit the headline for more than eleven years and is the leader of the international Smartphone market. It inspires globally more than millions of user. In the coming months, the technical giant will give a successor model of its special jewel: The iPhone SE 2. Apple has already showed in the first generation of… Read more »

iPhone SE 2018

iPhone SE 2018 | Doing more with less

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iPhone SE 2018: High quality for an favorable price. This proves the new Apple model „iPhone SE“ at least. Apple has actually enhanced its reputation concerning expensive iPhones and iPads. Everybody knows the high prices of the company: The iPhone X, which has been on market since November 2017, is available for around 1.150 euro…. Read more »

iPhone SE 2

iPhone SE 2 – Does Apple take a new path?

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Hello 2018, Goodbye 2017 – a new year, new expectations and the number of rumors is high again! The Super Release of the year 2017 – the Apple iPhone X – is already a thing of the past. Apple is leaving the stage clear for the new iPhone SE 2. Or shall we call this… Read more »

Massive battery problems under iOS10 – iOS10.1 doesn’t help

Massive battery problems under iOS10 – iOS10.1 doesn’t help

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Massive battery problems under iOS10 – iOS10.1 does not help Since the release of the new operating system iOS10 in September, more and more iPhone owners complain about massive battery problems under iOS10. Owners report a quick battery discharge without active use of the iPhone. For iPhone generations 6 and 6s, the device turns off… Read more »