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Buy tank glass – What to consider

To buy tank glass for your own smartphone sounds easier than it is! Because you have to consider so much, to make no mistakes. Does the armored glass which i consider provides adequate protection? Does another screen protector has better additional features? This and more we will light up for you in the following lines. I refer primarily to mobile phones, but the same applies for tablets or other technical devices with sensitive displays.

Is a film worth for the mobile phone?

The question may seem superfluous, but you should not ignore it. For expensive smartphones and high-quality mobile phones, this question is answered quickly with a “yes”. However, if it is the low-budget smartphone from grandma, who only touches it twice a week to write her grandchildren, the investment is worth less. Generally however you can say in view of the cheap prices for protective films that buying tank glass is mostly worthwhile

Protective film or armored glass

The next thing you might think about is whether you need to buy tank glass, or whether a simple hard plastic film is not enough. This may be a few euros cheaper, but if you want to invest money in a screen protector for your smartphone, then you should not save money on the wrong end. Especially if it’s just a few Euros. For this reason, you should always give priority to the armored glass as this protects a lot more reliably from scratches or display damage than its soft counterpart. A screen protector made of armored glass has a hardness of 9H, which is just a step below the hardness of a diamond and therefore it’s extremely resistant.

What should the protection do?

The armored glass films also have numerous additional features. So there are variants, which grant more privacy, by denying the side view on the display. Or screen protectors which, through an anti-reflective layer, also showes the screen clear in bright daylight and does’nt turn the display into a mirror. Other factors are that the color brilliance is maintained, the display does not become too dark, how transparent the film is, or more. In this case you should inform yourself beforehand what is exactly possible (this could vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and foil to foil). Most foils are available for different smartphones and manufacturers, whether it’s an Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. Also for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and iPhone Edge variants there are matching armored glass films. Important is that the view is optimal for you, and that of course, any functions that the phone display usually has, remains. If you have evaluated all these factors adequately, you can confidently buy tank glass and thus make your smartphone safe.

May it be a little bit more?

Some manufacturers distribute their products with accessories, which may be mounting kits, other aids for attaching the protection, or accessories for subsequent care, e.g. Microfiber cloths or a replacement film. Such an additional service should be considered, always of course, , because what does the best screen protector is about, if you can not easily attach it? Sometimes there are also special offers like two top foils for the price of one, or the foil including cleaning spray, apart from the “normal” kits, which can be put into the shopping cart at some online shops.

All right! But where?

The last question is, of course, where should I buy my armor glass, when I finally decided which film is the right thing for me. But this is a matter of taste! Personally i’m a big fan of online shops, if it is not urgent. An exception is Amazon with its express delivery the next day. If I need the protective glass as fast as possible, I would also go in the local media market, Saturn or also my mobile phone store. The screen prtectors are usually a little more expensive here, but you can research before. Online shops usually have a larger selection of protective films made of glass, but you should check out, if the prices are inclusive or plus shipping. I can’t give you a clear recommendation, except that you should look for reptuable providers and not fall into a trap of cheap products or even fake screen protectors. Because otherwise you have more problems in the end, when the product arrives late or even with poor qualit. So don’t concerve with the protection for your mobile phone and choose it appropriately. Because even the most beautiful Apple device or Samsung Galaxy is very vulnerable to scratches and the screen thanks you for an additional and high quality foil.


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