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Anyone who is going to get the new iPhone X, would of course want to have an optimal protection. But what is the best iPhone X armored glass? What are the differences and what should be observed? We have put together all the important information so that you have found an adequate protection until the release of the new iPhone at the end of 2017.

The agony of choice with the iPhone X armored glass

Glass is usually very scratch-resistant and provides better optics including transparency. Such an iPhone X armor glass may even improve the appearance of the colors. This affects the refraction of the light so that the colors can appear clearer. This is not the case with every iPhone X tank glass. Disadvantages of protective films from genuine glass are the susceptibility to falls, as glass breaks rather than scratches.

Complexity of assembly

Of course you should not neglect the installation of an iPhone X armored glass. In the case of GLAZ, you have the choice between the liquid variant, a protection from liquid glass crystals, and a more conventional version, whereby a foil with an applicator is attached. The two installations of the iPhone X armored glass are different. In the case of the liquid version, the surface is first to be cleaned with alcohol and then wiped with the supplied microfiber cloth over the display. Then the glass crystals are rubbed on the display. To do this, take the pad and wipe it with the supplied liquid.

Important is that it is merely moistened and does not float in the liquid. Next, wipe the wetted pad over the display until the protection spreads everywhere. Once the liquid has hardened, remove the drying fleecy with the cleaning pad and polish the display with the microfiber cloth. Afterwards, you have to blow dry your Screen for 5 minutes and after that, just wait 15 minutes. Repeat the previous steps two more times. After this, the surface should definitely be used a little bit more careful till it’s hardened.

In the case of the conventional iPhone X tank glass, at least the first step remains the same, cleaning the display and removing small dust particles. The next step is the mounting of the protective film itself. Thanks to the mounting aid, also called applicator, the screen protector film can be applied very stress-free. You put the applicator around the iPhone, then carefully remove the screen protector from the check card and then put the screen protector on the display, as described in the installation manual.

Similar result

Both solutions protect the iPhone without the known and annoying blisters. The glass crystals in the liquid variant displace small vesicles during application and curing. The iPhone X protective film made of real glass disappear thanks to the acrylic layer, which fits seamlessly to the surface, after a few days quite self-evident. A clear advantage of the liquid version is that it is invisible. In addition, the risk of fingerprints is reduced, which is especially obvious in the case of a version in the color black.

Just in time for market launch, the liquid will be available in our shop and just a few days later the conventional version with applicator. Both of course at a reasonable price including shipping. There is also much information and help on the subject of smartphone protection. Who would like to protect his new smartphone properly should remember our Shop. Numerous protection mechanisms are already available, inter alia. for the Samsung Galaxy S8, Apple iPad and iPhone 7 Plus as well as other smartphones.


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