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GLAZ Screen Protector armored Glass protects your iPhone

Surely you know the problems, if you are before buying the right armored glass. What screen protector is the best armor glass for my Apple iPhone, cheap or expensive? A glass of real glass or plastic?

A armored glass for your everyday life

If you are looking for the perfect protection for the screen of your smartphone, you can read through all the reviews and tests one by one online. But does protective film also mean armored glass? No, because an armored glass, as with GLAZ, should be made of real glass. Only such a tank glass provides more protection in the everyday life from a scratch or also from inclusions of dust. Especially the side of the display of the Apple iPhone 6/7 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge are exposed to most screen protectors without any protection. The GLAZ screen protector 2.0 goes with its armored glass to this rounding at the edge of the screen.

When buying you should also pay attention to the price. Many cheap films are already available for a few euros online, including shipping, but this film is mostly broken after a few days at the edge, or it collects dust under it. You should remember that you end up spending more money on ten cheap armored glass films instead of a real armored glass like the screen protector 2.0. This can be easily applied on the Apple iPhone with the enclosed applicator without annoying centering the slide. We think that something like this should be a standard!

To ensure that the Home Button is protected, GLAZ offers to its screen protection 2.0, two to three Touch ID Buttons, which compensate for the difference in height to the actual Home Button and protect it from scratches. We recommend removing the slide to which the Touch ID Button is attached, and only use the Touch ID Ring.


On our homepage of GLAZ you will quickly find the right product for the protection of your smartphone. Already for 34.90 € plus shipping you will get an almost invisible armored glass as seen in the photo to the product. Therefore the display of your Apple iPhone is protected in everyday life from scratches.


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