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The Apple Watch Series 4 will be presented at Apple Keynote 2018 on 12 September. It is almost sure that there will be six new models of the Apple Watch: A1977, A1975, A1976, A1978, A2007 and A2008. The screen of the new OLED Edge-to-Edge display will be up to 15 percent larger than the Apple Watch 3. In addition, the Apple Smartwatch will only have haptic keys and no mechanical keys. The crown will be rotatable, but no longer compressible. Furthermore, the Apple Watch 4 design will be enhanced and smarter by the new watchOS 5. Of course, our liquid Apple Watch 4 protective foil will be available from the release of the watch.

Apple Watch 4 Benchmark and performance

Whether the switch from the Apple Watch 3 to the Apple Watch 4 will be worthwhile remains to be seen. We’re assuming that the Apple Watch Series 3 vs. Apple Watch Series 4 comparison won’t be great. Technologies such as a microLED display or other intelligent health devices are lacking for this purpose. The comparison of Apple Watch 2 vs. Apple Watch 4 will be much bigger, just because of the integrated LTE module, the improved GPS and the much better performance. Finally, only an Apple Watch 4 benchmark test can determine exactly what advantage the new Smartwatch from Apple has over its predecessors.

Apple Watch Series 4 Release – our liquid Apple Watch 4 protective foil is ready for launch

Just in time for the Apple Watch Series 4 release, GLAZ will launch its liquid glass display protector Liquid 2.0. In order to protect the new Apple Smartwatch, we recommend that you buy our Apple Watch 4 protective foil before you receive your watch. Because our liquid display protection hardens your Apple Watch 4 display to 100% invisibly with a hardness grade of 9+H. At the same time, the liquid tempered glass has a thickness of just 1.5 micrometers per layer and a combined thickness of 4.5 micrometers in the 3-layer process.

Due to the use of 100% real glass, we offer you 100% screen cover and thus protection against scratches and other damages. Due to the real glass base, and not like other nano-based products, our Apple Watch 4 protective foil lasts up to 5 years. We’ve also integrated an anti-fingerprint coating into the liquid Apple Watch film to keep you clear at all times. In addition, no screen protector on the market for the Apple Smartwatch offers 100% transparency with full color brilliance. So you cannot just enjoy the beautiful OLED display, but also light reflections are minimized by the highest possible light transmission.

Apple Watch 4 Health and Fitness in the spotlight

The topic of health and fitness has been in focus since the Apple Watch 3 at the latest. Accordingly, the Apple Watch 4 should be equipped with an ECG function. The new ECG heart rate monitor on the underside of the Apple Smartwatch is intended to monitor heart activity after pressing two fingers together and to warn the wearer of irregularities. Sensors send imperceptible electrical impulses through the body. Furthermore, the new sensor generation of the Apple Watch Series 4 will make the recording of motion data, for example during swimming or jogging, even more accurate. This is where the Liquid 2.0 comes into its own. Because our liquid Apple Watch 4 protective foil is 100% water-resistant and therefore protects your watch even during an intensive use.

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