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The new Apple Watch 4 will soon find its place in the German electrical markets. First, we already have some interesting insider information. The most important thing is of course the correct protection of your brand-new Watch. We have an idea – our Apple Watch 4 liquid screen protector.

Our new Apple Watch 4 liquid screen protector is absolutely on the advance in terms of security. Although no exact release date is known yet, we already have the new Liquid 2.0 in development and of course also from the release of the Apple Smartwatch in our online shop at the start. With the high-tech watch, you can already look forward to a better screen screen due to the larger display. With our liquid display protection, the Apple Watch Series 4 will last even longer. We can’t wait until the new Watch from Apple and therefore also our new Liquid will be released. So, one thing is already clear: the new Smartwatch, like its predecessors, has a long “Apple life” ahead of it thanks to our protection.

The Apple Watch 4 – Rumors of the official release for you

According to insider rumors, the fourth generation of the popular Apple Watch is expected to change in size. According to information from several experts, a larger screen of about 15 percent is expected (the previous dimensions were 38 mm and 42 mm, Apple would achieve an increase to 39.9 mm and 45.2 mm with the new Smartwatch). Ming-Chi Kuo, known for his exact details, also supports this rumor. The Apple Watch Series 4 is also to be launched on the market without mechanical buttons. This means only haptic buttons like the iPhone 8 Home Button. Battery life is also increased. However, it is still unclear whether this will happen with a larger battery or an improved SoC. When exactly we may see the model of the manufacturer Apple live and in color is not yet quite clear. However, if Apple Watch 4 is released according to the old rhythm, the release will probably take place as early as September 2018.


Perfect protection right now – Apple Watch 4 liquid screen protector

Those who treat themselves to such an expensive purchase as the Apple Watch 4, they also need high-quality protection in our opinion. As a young and innovative display protection company, it is very important to us to protect your new Smartwatch with our liquid glass tempered glass Liquid 2.0 from the release of Apple Watch 4. With Apple Watch 4 liquid screen protector, you can protect your jewelry from small or large falls.


Pure lifestyle for your Apple Watch 4 with the liquid display protection from GLAZ

Our Apple Watch 4 liquid screen protector lets you enjoy the feeling of sporty elegance in an informal way. Because your Smartwatch is super protected by the invisible protector. It’s also easy to put on your Apple watch. Your display is 100% covered by the liquid and annoying fingerprints are a thing of the past. Harder than a sapphire, this is the perfect description for our Liquid and therefore also for the perfect protection of your Apple Watch 4.

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