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Coordination of body temperature…

I’ve always had other abilities to sense heat like my fellow humans without the AirCon Watch. For example while sitting on the sofa at the evening: Meanwhile my boyfriend is sitting next to me and is sweating, I have to tuck myself into a blanket. This is not exactly romantic. Another example: Meanwhile my friends endure a temperature of 8°C easily with a thin winter jacket, I have to get dressed with a second pullover. Now there might be a solution: your own air conditioning.

Our temperature balance is rather complicated. As our bodies have to maintain an even temperature to work optimal, there is a control system which ensures these functions. The so-called hypothalamus, located in interbrain, functions as connecter and has fundamental tasks such as controlling and measuring the body temperature. Through receptors on the entire body stimuli are received, which are transported to hypothalamus, where they are processed to warm or cool the body. It is difficult, when there is a major difference between outdoor temperature and body temperature: we are sweating or shaking. This is precisely the point where AirCon could be use.

…well by means of AirCon Watch!

It looks stylish, of the one part and it has an intently background, of the other part. You wear the AirCon watch like a typical watch around your wrist. The reason for this is the fact, that nerve tracts and bloodstreams are located close to this point. Due to a low resistance you receive a maximum transfer of temperature with emitted heat and cold impulses between watch and nerves. The stimulation simulates an ambient temperature change. It interferes accordingly with other body signals and ensures that a modified version of temperature is reaching the brain. Due to this information a temperature control is adjusted. In each case the impulses take 15 seconds with a 15 minutes break period for sending more signals. The more signals are reached, the faster is the reaction. Everything is possible with the „ClimaCon Technology“- located in the watch.

„ClimaCon Technology“

Even the creator of AirCon Watch doesn’t show a lot about the interesting and new technology. It is just being here. Behind the name is a technology, which was already tackled and implement by Dhama Innovations. Incidentally they are the patent holder. Whether the technologies match together or they are simply similar is remained unknown by AirCon.

Health concerns?

Because AirCon Watch is interfering on the nervous system, it is also arisen the following question: Does it cause adverse effects on our organism? As per creators of AirCon there are no concerns. On the contrary – Tests and investigations have shown that there is not only a positive influence on nervous system, but also on bloodstreams. The hypothalamus will not be damaged as well. However, up to now, there is no reporting, which underpins these claims.


When my boyfriend told me about AirCon, I was admittedly interested. With this “Watch” I will never freezing or heating again. There will be no more hot flushes during menopause, no discussions about the room temperature etc. So to say, AirCon Watch is your own air conditioning. With such promises AirCon is attracting their customers; life becomes easier with AirCon. But can these promises be broken? Test persons of prototypes were convinced. But I remain skeptical. It sounds quite so pleasant, but the theory seems ambiguous. I find myself wondering about the influence of AirCon Watch. Does it have such a big influence on the body temperature? Even damages on the nerves or hypothalamus cannot be ruled out. The idea is good and quite fascinating, but we have to wait impatiently to find out, if AirCon has marketability.


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