protective foil

The suitable protective foil: Protect, what you love

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A protective foil as accessories is indispensable, because Smartphones has an important role in our daily life and this not only for contacting people. Apple iPhone/Plus, Samsung Galaxy or Huawei – There is a huge market. The technology and external appearance becomes more and more modern. The most cases consist of glass. Thereby the manufacturers… Read more »

iPhone X backside bulletproof glass comparison

iPhone X backside bulletproof glass comparison 2018

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iPhone X backside bulletproof glass comparison: The iPhone X has been available since November 2017 on market. The new Smartphone of Apple combines the OLED technology in its screen for the first time. The screen covers the whole front and is built directly with the case. The whole backside of iPhone X is composed of… Read more »

iPhones 2018

New iPhones 2018? What’s the current situation?

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Apple in megalomania further on While the users are happy about their newly purchased iPhone, Apple is thinking about the next year. There are already other ideas on the internet after the release of iPhone 8/Plus and iPhone X. So, how will the iPhones 2018 look like? Anything is possible – from hair-raising ideas to… Read more »