GLAZ Liquid 2.0

Now for your iPhone*

Experience now the screen protector innovation of liquid glass

Now available for your iPhone 6/6+, iPhone 7/7+, iPhone SE, iPhone 8/8+, iPhone X.

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* GLAZ Liquid 2.0 available for iPhone 6/6+/7/7+/SE/8/8+/X
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Screen-Protector 2.02.0 4D

The innovation for your iPhone*

iPhone 7/8 iPhone X

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Fits and protects perfectly!

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GLAZ Liquid 2.0

Now for your Samsung*

Experience now the screen protector innovation of liquid glass

Now available for your Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 edge, Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 edge, Samsung Galaxy S8.

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* GLAZ Liquid 2.0 available for Galaxy S6/S6 edge/S7/S7 edge/S8
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GLAZ Invisible

The 1. invisible CASE for your iPhone

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with no


The iPhone 7
Jet Black

The new invisible innovation from GLAZ

iPhone 7 Jet Black.

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iPhones with alu back.

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GLAZ Titan kaufen iPhones with alu back

GLAZ Liquid 2.0 – invisible protection for your lifestyle

The Apple Watch is a perfect lifestyle fit. Your constant, always-connected companion. That’s reason enough to have a protection just as exceptional as your relationship with your Apple Watch. GLAZ Liquid 2.0 is innovation at its best. The invisible guard is applied in a flash, and is as hard as sapphire. It’s a display protector that gets you and your Apple Watch safely through the day. Of the highest quality and safe to apply, it gives your Apple Watch excellent protection. Bring together what belongs together!

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The ultimate screen protector for your
iPhone SE

GLAZ forms a perfect bond with your iPhone SE* in HD quality. With 96.3% translucency and perfect colour accuracy, GLAZ is like an invisible protection shield for your iPhone SE. Ultra-thin and extremely tough, GLAZ ensures perfect protection and high-level functionality.

* Screen protector available for iPhone SE/5/5s/5C

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iPad Pro Liquid 2.0 –
responsive & fascinating
quality protection

The iPad Pro is more than simply a tablet. Its multi-touch technology is highly responsive and senses your creative potential. Both the display size and sensitivity of the sensors are simply superb. GLAZ Liquid 2.0 is a fascinating addition and protects your iPad Pro in every life situation. Powerfully beautiful to the touch.

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Screen protector
As hard as sapphire

GLAZ forms the perfect protective shield for your Apple device. It is as tough as sapphire glass, which until now has only been used in iPhone camera lenses. The screen protector shields against scratches, dust and dirt. It is three times tougher than conventional silicon films. If the protective glass breaks, the glass fragments will stick to the shatter protection film and can be removed without risks. Your Apple device will remain entirely intact.

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Luxury you feel,
but don’t see

Through the extremely high bond of the screen protector, GLAZ offers a high
touch functionality, which you will feel and enjoy from the very first touch. The smooth surface simplifies the use. Applying the glass screen protector is quick and simple, in the innovative spirit of GLAZ. Simple yet effective!

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The five talents
of this all-rounder

Tough bodyguard

Your Apple products are put to the test day in, day out. So give your iPhone, your Apple Watch or your iPad the protection they need.

Elegant stylist

GLAZ improves the quality of the surface and provides highly accurate touch response. An invisible screen protector you simply must experience!

Active clean geek

No more awkward cleaning! With its grease-repellent surface, GLAZ keeps cleaning to a minimum and guarantees you a clear view at all times.

Problem solver

GLAZ helps you attach the screen protector by securing itself to the screen. Super easy, super quick and super safe. If required, the display screen can be removed completely without leaving any trace.

Smart finance strategist

GLAZ isn’t just good for your Apple products, but also your wallet. GLAZ is a stylish all-round protector, a premium product you can afford that delivers on its promises.

Lifestyle that connects

GLAZ is pure lifestyle and made for your iPhone.
You do not find the perfect partner on the first sight. Especially when it is invisible.

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